Wide Range of Surgical Procedures

We offer a wide range of surgical procedures, not offered at most general practices at rates you can afford. These include laser surgery, ultrasound guided biopsies, two surgical options for cruciate repair, bone plating, and other general surgery. We also have a surgical laser for the latest in minimizing surgical trauma, sevoflo anesthesia, blood pressure monitoring, and much more.


Our commitment to progressive veterinary medicine with the latest equipment, training and techniques for general practice. We have the most current anesthetic and surgical monitoring equipment including blood pressure, electrocardiograms, oxygen saturation, and temperature monitoring. Heated air blankets keep our patients warm during surgery. Our hospital also boasts intensive care units with oxygen capabilities.

Largest Pet Healthcare Provider

As the largest provider of both large and small animal care in the area, we can offer you the convenience of meeting all your animal health needs in one location. No need to have multiple clinics you have to contact. From your lap dog to your beef cattle, and even your daughter’s new rabbit, you can rest assured that with American Pet Hospital, one phone call can get you the information and medical care you need.

Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technologies

At American Pet Hospital your pet will have access to some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment and procedures. These include digital x-ray, ultrasounds, video otoscopy (examination of ear canal), in hospital blood testing, urinalysis, internal and external parasite testing, tonometry eye pressure screening, ecg, pulse oximetry, and blood pressure measurement.

Emergency Services

We provide ” ’round the clock” emergency care to our patients. Even on holidays and weekends one of our veterinarians is just a phone call away. During regular hospital hours, our Modesto Veterinarian Hospital is fully equipped to provide your pet with emergency care, including wound and fracture care, emergency stabilization, and IV fluid therapy.

Full Range of Treatment Options

When your pet is seen by one of our veterinarians, we will discuss all of your treatment options. We tailor the treatment you pet receives to your needs-from common sense “old fashioned medicine” to the most advanced treatments veterinary medicine has to offer. We can also give you the option of alternative/Eastern treatments such as laser therapy, acupuncture and holistic medicine.

Since our first practice opened in 1992, we have provided high quality medical care for small and large animals. With a staff of over a dozen people, including four veterinarians to serve you, we can provide a wealth of expertise and technology combined with personal, compassionate care.

  • Emphasis on Education: From your first phone call to our support staff to the extensive library of articles on our website, we want to do our best to educate you on the proper care for your pet. We will take the time to discuss your concerns thoroughly, and hopefully point out some you may not have thought of, during every visit to our clinic.
  • Family Atmosphere: Dr. Davinder "Doc" Sandhu established American Pet Hospital at a time when veterinarians were integral to rural life. We have stayed true to his vision that we are a part of our patient’s families. The majority of our staff members have been with our practice for at least 5 years and know many of our clients both personally and professionally. You and your pet will appreciate a friendly face when you come for your visit.

  • Compassionate Care: The best healing springs from compassionate care. We understand a clinic visit can be scary and painful, so we take our patient’s feelings into consideration and act accordingly. We do the little things that help to make your pet’s treatment as stress free and enjoyable as possible. You may see us do some unusual things such as cover your cat with a blanket (they think they are hiding), “bribe” your dog with a treat (dogs do great with positive reinforcement) or sedate your horse lightly for even a minor procedure (horses have great memories when it comes to anything they don’t like!). We practice proactive pain management as well, doing our best to stop pain before it starts. If your pet has a “vet phobia” call us to discuss how we can handle your visit in a gentle way.

  • In-House Laboratory: An in-house laboratory with internal and external quality control checks run regularly. We have the ability to get several blood panels in house to aid in anesthetic plans for surgery and aid the doctor in your pets everyday emergencies. Our in hospital blood testing allows us to perform chemistry testing, complete blood counts, electrolytes, thyroid testing and measurement of cortisol, bile acids, phenobarbital levels. Not only does this increase the level of care we can provide, but you can receive answers the same day. See our services tab for a complete listing of all our offerings.

  • Friendly, Caring Staff: Our staff is here for you, caring veterinarians, technicians, and receptionists. We have a knowledgeable staff here that cares about your pet and is always offering your pet the best care possible.

  • Progressive Pain Management: An unwavering commitment to progressive pain management for all our patients. Upon your pet’s arrival our staff is assessing your pet’s needs and pain level. Out goal is to make your pet as comfortable as you would be in the hospital.