Keep your pets healthy and happy throughout their life with a Wellness Plan from American Pet Hospital

Below are the services that come standard with each Wellness Plan. We can also create a custom wellness plan based around your pet’s specific needs. Call us now at (209) 549-8387 to setup a wellness plan for your pet or to discuss options for a custom wellness plan!

All Necessary Vaccines

From your puppies parvo shots to your dog’s rabies shots, your wellness plan will cover every single necessary vaccination throughout your entire pet’s life span. All for one low flat fee.

Unlimited Free Office Visits

Our most valuable service feature of all our wellness plans. No longer will you need to pay exam fees or co-pays for your visits. Come in as often as you’d like, whenever you’d like.

Affordable & Cost-Effective

Our plans are offered for low monthly payments and focus on prevention, which in the long-term will save you money by preventing the occurrence of more costly illnesses later on.

Better than Insurance

With pet insurance, you pay for coverage you may never use. But with a Wellness Plan, your veterinarian provides all the recommended preventive pet care you’ve paid for.

A Comprehensive & Affordable Health Care Solution

Our Meridian Wellness Plans provide your pet with a comprehensive level of preventive care to live a long and healthy life. By enrolling in one of our Meridian Plans, you’re taking an important step to maintaining your pet’s health and well-being.

Meridian Plans make providing high quality health care for your pet easy. Meridian Plans are annual wellness plans that offer significant discounts on preventive care and allow you to spread the payments over time. Our plans include semi-annual comprehensive wellness exams, up to two additional office visits, vaccinations, screenings, blood tests and additional services depending on the selected plan level.

American Pet Hospital puts our preventive treatment philosophy into practice with our Meridian Wellness Plans. This industry-leading pet health care solution combines physical exams, vaccinations, disease screenings, unlimited office visits, service discounts and more into one affordable veterinary care package.

Every Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited free office visits
  • Routinely recommended vaccines
  • Comprehensive physical exams
  • Early screening for serious illnesses
  • Discounts on most of our products & services
  • Predictable, reasonable monthly payments
  • Convenient drop-offs, evening & weekend hours

Different Pets Have Different Needs

The first year of your puppy’s life is critical to his or her health. This is the time when puppies need the most veterinary care.

You have taken the first step to having a wonderful companion and friend. It is important to do everything you can to make sure he or she grows up strong, healthy and happy.

Your kitten inherits a natural immunity from his or her mother that protects it at birth, but it begins wearing off at six weeks of age.

Our Meridian Cat Wellness Plans helps you keep up with your pet’s changing health care needs – monitoring vital organ functions and detecting early signs of potential problems.

Pricing Plans For Adult Pets

Wellness Plan Discounts on All Our Products & Services


Silver Plan


Gold Plan


Platinum Plan

More Info on Our Plan Features

Complete Blood Count

Blood tests help us determine causes of illnesses accurately, safely and quickly and let us monitor the progress of medical treatments. The most common blood test is called the Complete Blood Count or CBC, and it gives your veterinarian information on hydration status, anemia, infection, clotting factors, and the immune system’s ability to respond to illness. This test is critical for pets with fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, pale gums, or loss of appetite.

This test requires a small sample of blood. The nurse will bring your pet to the back treatment area of the hospital where other nurses are available to help hold and calm your pet during the blood draw. Your pet will be brought back to you momentarily. Of course, if you want to be present during any treatment you are welcome.

Dental Prophylaxis & Cleaning

It is important to your pet’s overall health care program to provide regular, professional dental care. Plaque and tartar that build-up on your pet’s teeth can lead to gingivitis. Reddened, bleeding gums, difficulty chewing and bad breath are all signs of gingivitis. Untreated gingivitis can progress to a more advanced form of periodontal disease, a bacterial infection that, if left untreated, can cause the loss of teeth. The same bacteria causing gingivitis and periodontal disease can be carried into the blood stream and cause damage to your pet’s kidneys, heart, liver and other organs. Regular dental cleanings remove plaque and tartar and prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease.

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Eye Pressure Test

A drop of a medication is placed in the pet’s eye to help numb the cornea (surface of the eye). Then a pen-sized instrument is gently touched to the surface of the cornea to measure the pressure within the eye. High pressure in the eye is known as glaucoma. Low pressure in the eye is often caused by uveitis. Both high and low eye pressures can be associated with eye discomfort and may impact your pet’s vision if not treated.


Electrocardiograms analyze the electrical activity of the heart enabling us to determine if abnormal activity is present. This can be very useful when irregular heartbeats are detected or in the complete evaluation of conditions such as heart murmurs and coughing. For safety, we also monitor a continuous electrocardiogram for patients under general anesthesia.

Digital Radiography

American Pet Hospital uses a DR computerized radiography machine. Computerized X-Rays give veterinarians quick results, as the advanced configuration takes out handling and advancement time needed with conventional X-Rays. X-Rays are a type of electromagnetic radiation, much the same as visible light. In a medical setting, X-Rays are emitted by a machine as individual “particles” (photons) that pass through the body and afterward get recognized by a sensitive film.

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Diagnostic Testing

Specialized tests are required for preventative screening or when you sense something is not right with your dog or cat. We utilize a wide range of diagnostic equipment including radiology and an onsite state-of-the art laboratory to help aid us in the diagnosis of many medical conditions.

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All Necessary Vaccinations

Immunizations are one of the best tools we have available in preventive medicine. The key to using vaccines appropriately is to determine which diseases each particular pet may be at risk for and then vaccinate for those diseases no more than necessary.

We believe that our balanced approach to vaccines is the best way to protect your pet from disease and minimize the risk of an adverse reaction to a vaccine.

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Comprehensive Physical Exam

American Pet Hospital is committed to providing quality veterinary care for your pet throughout his or her lifetime. Both our facilities and services are designed to manage the wellness of your pet under any circumstance, but our experience has taught us that prevention is indeed the best medicine. Whether it is preventive care for your kitten or puppy, dental care throughout your pet’s life, or pain management and support for your senior pet, we are prepared to provide your pet with the necessary routine care required for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Scheduling an annual wellness exam is an essential part of maintaining the overall health of your pet. This type of exam is crucial to discovering potential health issues your pet may experience and bringing them under control before they pose a serious problem for your beloved pet. Many conditions, such as heart disease, dental disease, bone and joint problems, and cancers, may go undetected for years without this type of routine care. That’s why the annual wellness exam is considered the single most important investment in your pet’s health.

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Parasite Fecal Exams

We recommend having feces checked and analyzed to determine whether your animal has an intestinal parasite, bacterial overgrowth, blood, or other intestinal problems. This is an important part of diagnostic workups and even routine exams.


In order to ensure the health and well being of our pets, stool examinations for parasite eggs have been part of the veterinary routine for decades. Although stool examinations have become routine, a new procedure has recently been presented that has drastically improved the quality of the results.
Depending on the parasite involved, this new procedure can dramatically influence the quality of the results. Previous methods for hookworms only revealed half the number of parasites as the new method. For roundworms the new method reveals about 100 times more parasites, for whipworms we can now detect infections where the parasite remained undetected before. Detecting the actual parasite burden of our pets is important to the pet’s health, but to protect human health as well. Undetected infection can lead to animal and human illness.

Urinalysis with Sedimentation

A urinalysis evaluates the physical and chemical composition of the urine. It can provide important diagnostic information about conditions of the urinary and genital tracts, as well as a number of systemic diseases such as diabetes, liver disease, Cushing’s disease, etc. The urinalysis is an important part of the diagnostic evaluation for many diseases and is also an important part of a thorough preventive medicine program.